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Application for an AKR number (Individuals)

Form no.

21.081 EN

About the form

This form is for non-Danish individuals without a Danish CPR no. (civil registration no.).

Please submit your application in person at one of the Danish Tax Agency's motor registry offices.

In the motor registry office you will be asked to present valid photo ID, for example:

  • driving licence issued in an EU/EEA country, in Greenland or the Faroe Islands
  • passport, including NATO passport
  • ID card issued by the Danish Defence or the Danish police
  • residence permit with photo ID issued in Denmark
  • national photo ID issued by the public authorities in your home country.

Besides photo ID, please present a residence certificate or a tax certificate documenting your address.

Download Form 21.081 EN

Please note

Note: Please save the form on your computer before you start completing it. Otherwise, the data you enter may not be saved