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The purpose of the Motor Vehicle Agency (Motorstyrelsen) is to ensure that all motor vehicles are registered correctly and that valuation and tax calculation are done on a uniform and transparent basis. Our work contributes to a flexible and well-functioning market for motor vehicles in Denmark for the benefit of both car owners and car dealers.

We always consider developments in the field of motors, so our decisions are correct and consistent, regardless of the type of vehicle, ownership and leasing.

In our contact with individuals, businesses and collaborators, we focus on delivering a good and coherent customer journey, supported by digital solutions.

It is important to us that our employees are following new trends in the area and are continuously in dialogue with the motor industry.

Our employees  are specialists with a high level of professionalism. We always strive to provide thorough case processing in an intelligible manner - both when we guide taxpayers and carry out checks. We take responsibility and we cooperate on the overall task and in the daily decisions.

Together with the other agencies of the Ministry of Taxation, the Motor Vehicle Agency  creates the foundation for financing the public sector in Denmark.